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4 Sweet Ways to Treat Your Valentine

Valentine's Day happens once a year. Even though you can give someone you love gifts all year long, giving them on Valentine's Day makes them feel extra special. Showing your loved one how much you care can take many forms. It doesn't always have to mean “sugary” sweet, although offering chocolates isn't a bad idea. You have several options that will allow you to show your sweetheart your loving and caring side.

1. Book a Couple's Massage

You can choose to provide your loved one with a spa day or you can go a little further and book a couple's massage. This is a great way to share a special day. A couple's massage allows you to relax and get the special and refreshing treatment you both deserve. A good massage may be just what you need to enjoy the rest of your day together.

2. Take Time for a Weekend Getaway

Take a day or two off from work and share a weekend getaway. Try a new restaurant, go hiking in the woods, or stay at a bed and breakfast that caters to its customers. A few days away from the stress and frustration from your day-to-day schedule may be just what you need to remember what it's like to enjoy each others' company again. Sometimes we forget what it's like when there is nothing to distract us from fully focusing on our partner.

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3. Prepare Valentine's Day Dinner

Prepare a home-cooked Valentine's Day dinner complete with your sweetheart's favorite dessert. The effort you put into the meal to make their favorite foods is a reflection of how much you love them. If you don't feel comfortable cooking certain recipes, have the meal catered and served at home. Many caterers will come to your home, serve you dinner, and clean up afterward, allowing your loved one to have a gourmet meal with little to no clean-up.

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4. Give Your Honey The Gift of Wellness

If you really want to give your honey a healthy gift, give them the sweetest gift of all… Taylor Pass Honey! Our honey jars make the perfect sweet addition to a basket of wine, chocolates, flowers and snacks. 

This Valentine's Day give your sweetheart the things they will most enjoy. When it comes to choosing a sweet gift, choose one that sweetens their health, as well as their favorite foods and drinks. Make your loved one's Valentine's Day just as sweet as they are!

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