Taste A World of Good.

Produced in New Zealand under the watchful eye of our beekeepers, we seek to craft honey that carries the signature flavors and properties of this land.

Each varietal is as complex in its individuality, as the plant it originated from. From sweet and floral to bold and intense, we have a varietal for all occasions and to suit every palate.

  • Antibiotic Free

    In New Zealand, it is forbidden to use antibiotics in the treatment of honey-producing beehives, so there is no residue in the honey.

  • B-Corp Certified

    As a Certified B Corporation, we are committed to being a force for good: Good for you and the planet. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and by meeting rigorous criteria, we showcase our commitment to positively impacting both society and the environment.

  • 100% NZ Honey

    Importing honey into NZ is not allowed, which means you can be rest assured that any honey produced & packed in NZ is 100% New Zealand honey and fully traceable. Honey is the 2nd most adulterated food product in the world - many other honeys are blends of different honey types or from other countries.

  • Remote Locations

    Taylor Pass in New Zealand is a gateway to some of the world's wildest and most pristine places. Our honey reflects the untouched environment and remote locations we place our hives in.

Remarkable Flavor

At Taylor Pass, our beekeepers understand that honey is the essence of both a place and time, a culmination of flavors that tells the unique story of the land and all that exists around it. When that land is pure New Zealand, and some of the planet’s most wild places, the taste is truly transporting.

From the delightful intensity of our Beech Honeydew Honey, to the velvety sweetness of Creamed Clover and the refreshing herbal notes of our Native Flower Honey, each of our award-winning honeys will treat your senses to a world of flavors and aromas like no other.

  • Creamed Clover

    Harvested from White Clover, a pasture crop common throughout New Zealand. This delicious honey has lovely warm straw and floral aromas and a velvety texture – creamy and rich. The sweet flavors are balanced by a hint of dried herbs.

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  • Native Flower

    Harvested from New Zealand Native Bush which is prominent throughout New Zealand resulting in a unique blend. Native Flower has intense classic honey aromas and a rich, velvety texture together with a slightly herbal flavor. Although sweet at first, this lovely honey finishes slightly drier than other styles.

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  • Beech Honeydew

    Collected from the bark of the Native Black Beech tree. Large stands of beech trees are found in remote areas of native forest in the South Island of New Zealand. This honey, though deliciously sweet also offers an almost savoury, meaty tang. Complex aromas and flavors give it a toasty character and an intensity that lingers.

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  • Mānuka Blend

    Mānuka Blend Honey is a delicious combination of Mānuka Honey with other rich New Zealand Bush Honey which is blended naturally by the bees. Mānuka Blend is a rich and creamy honey, carrying the distinctive flavor and aroma of Mānuka that lingers on the taste buds.

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