We are proud to deliver products with internationally recognised standards of quality assurance.


This is the beauty of the beekeeper’s job and what drives their passion – the unique relationship they have with the bees.

Hives are complicated, delicate and highly individual eco-systems – no two hives are the same. Just when a beekeeper thinks they have learnt everything there is to know about a hive, something will change. To ensure they thrive, hives require the care, passion and artistry of our beekeepers.

By tending to hives and maintaining their balance and wellbeing, our beekeepers develop an intimate knowledge of each hive – only they understand a hive and its unique, evolving nature; only they can ensure its survival.


Technology is a crucial part of looking after our hives and bees. 

We monitor weight, temperature, harmonics and hive environment – constantly measuring and managing to ensure each hive is flourishing.


Our RMP accredited extraction and packing plants are managed by a dedicated team of skilled operators.

Our plants feature state of the art equipment to ensure the honey stays in its most natural state – just as the bees intended.

Throughout the process strict production and hygiene procedures are followed to safeguard product quality and safety as well as ensuring the traceability of the honey back to the hive it was produced in.


We are proud to deliver products with internationally recognised standards of quality assurance.

We operate under a Risk Management Programme audited by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Our honey is extensively tested by independently accredited laboratories to ensure that our products are of the highest standard possible and are true to label.

Every batch of honey we produce carries the Oritain ‘Proven Origin’ Trustmark. Through the use of innovative science, Oritain create an ‘origin fingerprint' that represents the unique properties of the individual batches produced. Having an independent, scientifically robust program to assure consumers that our products are true to origin strengthens our brand and reinforces brand identity and messages regarding food safety, quality and provenance.

We are a member of the UMF® Association and a licensed Manuka Honey packer providing our customers with the highest level of transparency and quality assurance.


Delivering a taste worth exploring means teaming with trusted partners who are dedicated to the distribution of our genuine NZ honey products around the world.

Throughout the order to delivery cycle our hard-working customer service team provides ongoing support and assistance to ensure customer satisfaction.