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A Certified "Bee" Corp Story

Taylor Pass Honey is one of New Zealand's top Mānuka honey producers. As a privately owned company, we have always prided ourselves in offering the highest-quality Mānuka honey products. Our company oversees all aspects of the Mānuka honey process, from hive to jar, including testing transparency, food safety, traceability, and authenticity. Taylor Pass Honey’s firm commitment to quality and consistency has allowed us to become certified as a B Corporation, a milestone that many companies strive for but is not easily achieved. We are thrilled to have earned this distinction.

Achieving B Corp Status

B Corp status is earned when a company meets or exceeds the highest standards of performance, transparency, and accountability. This includes a commitment to measure and constantly improve 5 impact areas: workers customers, governance, environment & community. A company voluntarily submits this information so that it can be verified by social, economic, and environmental standards, proving it has reached a specific level of performance in all areas. Achieving B Corp status is a huge milestone for us at Taylor Pass Honey that has been years in the making. 

Additionally, the Guild of Fine Foods recently awarded two of our Mānuka honey products with the 2022 Great Taste Awards. Awards like these, that come from a third party, validate the commitment that we have to our products and customers. Earning B Corp status is only the first step, now it is up to us to maintain this high level of excellence.

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What Does It Mean for TPH?

As we begin to focus on the U.S. specialty food retail sector, we will be breaking into a market where customers demand excellence. To succeed in this market, as well as other markets outside of New Zealand, we must continue to bring the same level of excellence that earned us this exceptional distinction. 

Taylor Pass Honey's Plan for the Future

The decisions that we make now will directly impact our long-term success. Now more than ever, we must prioritize our process in caring for the environment, and the fragile ecosystem we all rely upon. We care for our bees as meticulously as we do our employees, ensuring both have everything they need to thrive. By continuing to nurture the environment and those that support us, we can continue to provide the best Mānuka honey products on the market.

As our company continues to grow and reach new markets, we are striving towards new goals and taking proactive steps to overcome whatever challenges may arise. Many claim to be doing good, we can proudly now, hand on heart, demonstrate that we are. Achieving our B Corp status is not only the first step, but a key motivator for pushing Taylor Pass Honey into the future. We will not stop here….

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