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Is Mānuka Honey Vegan?

Vegans, in general, are very careful about the foods they eat. In essence, they do not consume any food product that derives or comes from an animal, including eggs and most dairy products. If you are wondering whether or not Mānuka honey is allowed in a vegan diet, the general answer would be no. However, many vegans make an exception for Mānuka honey, when sourced sustainably, as it provides a great deal of nutrients they may be lacking in their diet.

Is Mānuka Honey Fine for Vegans?

Vegans primarily do not eat honey because it is produced by bees, and since bees fall under the classification of an animal, nothing they produce can be consumed. Most vegans use plant-based sweeteners in their foods, if they use any at all. Sweeteners such as stevia may work for improving taste, but they lack the essential nutrients our body needs. Molasses can be used as well, but with its nutrients also comes a lot of unwanted calories.

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Made By Animals, Not From the Animals

Some people become vegan because they disagree with the killing of animals to produce foods, while others detest the exploitation associated with food production. Foods that are made by animals, like eggs and dairy products, are allowed in minimal quantities because the animals naturally produce the food and are not killed for it. If this is your belief as a vegan, then Mānuka honey would be acceptable.

How Mānuka Honey Is Made

The process of making Mānuka honey is simple. First, bees visit the Mānuka flowers and collect as much pollen as possible. They consume the pollen and, once it is digested, they expel it into the honeycombs inside the hive. This process continues until each section of the honeycomb is filled. This process does not harm or kill the bee in any way and actually provides them with the nutrients they need to continue to thrive. Beekeepers who work the hives sustainably do not harm, but rather care for, the health of their bees.

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What Makes Mānuka Honey So Special?

Mānuka honey is special for many reasons, over and above the fact that it is produced only in New Zealand. Mānuka honey is so unique that it requires independent lab testing to validate if it is indeed Mānuka honey. A further test confirms if it is monofloral or multifloral Mānuka honey. Finally, the efficacy is graded. There are many different ratings used. UMF is the gold standard as it is based on 4 markers rather than 1. The higher the number given to the honey, the more potent it is in nutrients and health properties. Mānuka honey has both antibacterial and antiviral properties as well as a myriad of vitamins and minerals.

Vegans will of course make their own choices when it comes to consuming Mānuka honey. The fact that it is not made from animals, but produced by them, can play a huge factor in that decision. At Taylor Pass Honey, we take pride in offering the highest quality Mānuka honey products in the world. Vegans who choose to consume our Mānuka honey can be sure that they will get the nutritional benefits they need from honey that is produced sustainably.
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