The Importance of Bees: Why We Need Them

The Importance of Bees: Why We Need Them

Bees are the superheroes of the insect world. Without them, plants would not get pollinated properly and they would not be able to produce fruits, seeds, or nuts. Another result of not having bees is that there would be no honey! Honey is one of nature's superfoods and when it's produced in a certain area, it contains pollen native to the region. Some people believe that eating honey that is produced closest to where you live will provide you with immune boosters that help to fight allergies you may have.

Why Do We Need Bees? 

Bees carry pollen from one plant to another assisting in the pollination process. This makes it possible for plants to produce fruits, seeds, and nuts. As bees move from plant to plant and collect pollen, they are able to carry some of it back to their hive. Once there, the bees create honeycombs and fill each opening with the rich golden substance we call honey. Honey is a natural sweetener and can be used in a variety of different types of recipes.

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The Importance of Antibiotic-Free Bees 

Bees that are allowed to collect pollen from wild-crafted areas are less likely to be exposed to antibiotics and other chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The more natural the pollen, the more nutrients the honey contains. Antibiotics and other chemical components can actually reduce the number of nutrients in certain types of honey. While they may still be just as sweet, the honey may not contain a large majority of nutrients that are found in free-range or wild-crafted honey or royal jelly.

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It's About Honey, Not Pollination 

Beekeepers understand that it is more about the honey than it is the pollination. While pollination is important, it is the quality of honey that is first-looked at, when it comes to grading and evaluating the nutritive value of honey as a food source. Beekeepers are focused on locating sites for their hive that are free from pesticides of any kind to ensure the best honey, from the flavor to the nutritive content. Pollination is only the first step in the process. Honey is the end result that people take the most notice of.

When we think of the sweet things in life, honey is always at the top of the list. Without bees, there would be no honey. It's important to learn as much as we can about bees and the benefits they offer us, especially when it comes to the foods we put on our table. The next time you see a bee flying around a flower in your garden, think of the hard work they must do to produce the honey you love so much.

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