The Truth About Manuka Honey: Good Morning America Investigates

 Mānuka honey is produced by bees from the nectar of the native New Zealand Mānuka tree.  The Mānuka tree has been treasured by Maori healers for many centuries, as a medicinal aid used to treat colds, wounds, fever, digestive and skin ailments.

Significant scientific research has been undertaken to confirm the rare and unique properties only found in New Zealand Mānuka Honey. This has created a high demand among consumers.  But how do you know you are getting authentic Mānuka honey?

Recently, Good Morning America did an investigation on Mānuka Honey.  In their report, they uncover that due to high demand, some companies are misleading consumers with unauthentic or low-grade Mānuka.

There are many companies currently making claims around their grading ratings for Mānuka Honey. The best way to ensure you are getting genuine Mānuka honey is to look for the UMF® logo. UMF® stands for Unique Mānuka Factor.  It is an independently tested, strictly enforced certification, which ensures the standard and quality of the Mānuka honey, as well as its authenticity.

Only honey which has been produced, packed, and labelled in New Zealand by a licensed member of the Unique Mānuka Honey Association of New Zealand can qualify for the UMF® Certification.  Each UMF rating level (UMF® 5+, 10+, 15+ and 20+) relates to the level of unique signature compounds. The higher the number, the higher the concentration of signature compounds.

At Taylor Pass Honey Co, we take pride in our honey and want to ensure the highest quality.  That is why every jar of Taylor Pass Mānuka Honey is UMF® certified.

We are committed to educating consumers on how to ensure the quality of their honey.  So, stay tuned for more upcoming articles and educational information.  

In the meantime, find us in retail stores (stockists can be found on our website) or on Amazon.   

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