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The World’s Best Honey - Think Outside Your Tea! 

Honey has been used for thousands of years as both a sweetener as well as for its nutritional value. Honey is one of the few very select foods that contain all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that are needed to sustain life. It can easily be added to foods in place of sugar and other types of sweeteners. At Taylor Pass Honey, the ultimate goal is to produce honey that is as close to nature as possible, by using environmentally-friendly methods.

How to Choose Your New Zealand Honey

One of the most important ways to benefit from consuming honey is to make sure it's raw (never ultra-filtered), so you can absorb all of the rich nutrients nature intended. The pasteurization process that many mass produced honey products go through before they reach your table, kills off the majority of its nutrients, making that bottle or jar of honey little more than liquid refined sugar.

At Taylor Pass Honey, we deeply care for our hives and they do not travel large distances following pollination needs, so we're able to provide a nutrient-rich honey from stress-free bees with confirmed sources of pollen, giving our honey those special and unique floral tasting notes. 

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What Makes Taylor Pass Honey So Special

Our processes are developed to ensure that we have as little impact on the environment as possible. Taylor Pass Honey's overall commitment to the children of the future is an obligation to leave this world a little better than they originally found it. Our beekeepers work diligently to produce honey that not only tastes good and is incredibly nutritious, but also leaves behind an extremely low carbon footprint.

Taylor Pass offers several different varieties of honey. Every type of honey has individual characteristics, specific to where the honey was sourced by Taylor Pass Honey in the South Island of New Zealand. These varieties are perfect to pair with charcuterie and to elevate your favorite savory or sweet recipes. They enhance the flavor of food!

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Honey Isn't Just for Your Tea!

Honey isn't just for your tea anymore. It can be easily added to almost any recipe that calls for a sweetener, either natural or refined. Our honey can be blended easily into dry ingredients and gives food a smooth texture. While it's always excellent in your tea, we encourage you to try adding Taylor Pass Honey while cooking or as a sugar substitute for a natural, healthier swap. 

By adding natural honey to your recipes, you'll reduce the processed sugar you're consuming, which not only reduces the number of calories, but also allows the natural sugars to be processed more efficiently by your body. As honey is broken down, its many nutrients travel through the body and reach all of the areas on a cellular level. Because honey is in a liquid form, it also makes recipes that are sometimes dryer than normal, moister and give it a more distinctive flavor.

Taylor Pass Honey offers a wide selection of monofloral and multifloral honey, including the famous Manuka honey that are just as delicious as they are nutritious. If you want to try a few different uniquely flavored honey products, you will be amazed at the ways they can be used to improve recipes or simply add a touch of flavor to your favorite beverage.

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