Why New Zealand Honey is Nature’s Immunity

Why New Zealand Honey is Nature’s Immunity

Honey is one of nature's most loved superfoods. It is one of only a handful of foods that contain trace amounts of all the necessary minerals we need to survive. Bees collect pollen from throughout their environment and use it to create honey that is both abundant with nutrition and delicious as well. It can be included as an ingredient in a variety of dishes or it can be eaten on its own. For centuries, honey has been known as “nature's medicine” simply because of the massive amount of nutrients it contains.

Food vs Supplements

While supplements are a valuable form of nutrition, foods offer the best opportunity for the body to assimilate nutrients. Natural foods are designed to be broken down by the body in a fast and efficient manner. Most of the herbs and foods that are used to create supplements go through various forms of processing that ultimately cause them to lose some of their nutritive value. Honey that has not been aggressively processed still contains the majority of its nutrients. When honey is in its most natural state, it offers maximum benefits and the most delicious and irresistible flavor. 

taylor pass honey jar being filled unfiltered


The Benefit of Honey That Contains All Its Goodness

Heat and exposure to air and other elements can degrade the nutrients found in honey, herbs and spices. Many honey brands ultra-filter their honey which essentially removes all the good stuff and practically becomes liquid sugar. The best honey is only gently processed with care and attention (and never ultrafiltered) to take it from the hive to the jar with all its superfood nutrients and great taste intact. The unique flavor and texture of Taylor Pass Honey is just one reason why it's a staple when it comes to setting healthy foods on your table.

Building Immunity Naturally

The health benefits associated with honey helps the body build immunity naturally. Because honey is 100% natural, the body can assimilate the nutrients it contains easily and without stressing the liver. There are no additives and preservatives to detract from its nutritive value or enhance its already delicious flavor.

Building immunity naturally means a stronger immune system and more efficient metabolism. Honey has both antiviral and antibacterial properties and can be used to effectively boost your immune system so it can fight a variety of illnesses you may come in contact with.

taylor pass honey floral and manuka new zealand mountains

Why Choose Taylor Pass Honey?

All of the honey produced by Taylor Pass Honey is guaranteed to provide the highest nutritive value possible, as we own all the steps in the process from hive to jar. We can guarantee the source of the honey and we're sustainable in our processes. Our Manuka Honey contains a wealth of antibacterial properties that you can utilize to improve your overall health and support your immune system. Our honey is gently processed to retain all the goodness the bees put in. We do not ultrafilter and strip out nature’s gifts. 

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