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Why We Go Beyond as a B-Corporation to Produce Sustainable Honey

At Taylor Pass Honey, we believe that transparency, performance, and accountability are essential for any business to be successful. Achieving our B Corporation Certification was a milestone we had strived for since our inception. By applying for and being granted this important certification, we are able to prove that we don't just talk about our values and level of commitment, we act on them.

What It Means to Be a Certified B Corporation

In order to earn B Corp Certification, a business must be able to meet or exceed the highest possible, verifiable standards when it comes to transparency, accountability, and performance. The certification process involves looking at many different factors: governance, environment, workers, community and customers. They review our environmental impact, community involvement, sustainable practices, employee benefits, donations made to non-profit charities and much more.. A score of 80 or above is needed on the B Impact Assessment, demonstrating high environmental and social performance.

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Our Commitment to Our Customers and Our Environment

At Taylor Pass Honey, we go the extra mile to demonstrate our commitment to our customers and the environment. In order to be fully transparent, we allow our performance information to be compared to B Lab's highest standards and our information is shared publicly on the B Lab website. Anyone is able to access the information and view our B Corp profile online.

Putting the Bees First

Our bees are one of our top priorities at Taylor Pass Honey. Without them, we would have no honey and our environment would suffer tremendously. We commit to caring for our bees by continually monitoring our hives and the surrounding environment to ensure our bees are healthy and thriving. The way we care is by ensuring we take a long term sustainable view in every beekeeping decision. By putting our bees first, we know our environment will remain sound and our Mānuka honey will always be of the highest quality.

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Connectivity is Key

Businesses across the globe work to make a profit with little concern for the impact they have on the environment, but our belief is that everything in our world is connected. The land supports the bees, the bees make the honey, and we use the honey for a variety of purposes. The concept of connectivity is key to how we interact with the world around us. We continuously strive to uphold our place in the chain so that every part gets the support it needs. We are proud to be a part the B Corp community where we work together to use Business as a Force for Good.

Quality and Sustainability

B Corp Certification shows that we go above and beyond as a company to ensure that our honey products are of the highest quality. It also guarantees that we use sustainable methods to care for the environment and ensure that our bees have everything they need to thrive. By putting sustainability at the forefront of what we do, we hope to be able to leave a better world for the next generation.

We worked diligently to receive our B Corp Certification, and are proud to have been able to achieve this goal. You have our guarantee that all Taylor Pass products will always meet or exceed your expectations. Our B Corp Certification proves our promise is one we intend to keep.

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