Taylor Pass Honey Co Reserve Mānuka Honey UMF 10+ MGO263+ 8.83oz

Our beekeepers take particular pride in crafting this iconic New Zealand honey.
Our UMF® honey range is guaranteed to have a Unique Mānuka Factor of 10+ or higher.

It is 100% pure, independently tested Mānuka honey that has special signature compounds not found in other honeys. With a bold, intense and savoury flavour and a toasted caramel finish that lingers, our Reserve Mānuka UMF® 10+ has a complex bitter-sweet flavour.

Use as a dressing for salads, to cut through duck and pork, drizzled over a platter of prosciutto, figs and almonds, over Greek yoghurt, as a sweetener for tea, or added to a healthy smoothie for breakfast.


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