Our Story


The way we see it, it’s all connected: This unique land, the bees and us – we have a responsibility to look after it all and, if we do, our communities will thrive; we will be able to hand a better world on to the next generation.


Our values are at the very heart of our company. We see it that living and breathing our values every day, ensures we operate in a way that we as a company can not only be proud of but also as individuals.


Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company. Honey is the fruition of our work, care and passion. Its integrity is key. It’s work that comes naturally to all of us here at Taylor Pass: whether a beekeeper, administrator, technician, landowner, or truck driver - every job matters.


We have strong relationships with the landowners who house our hives and treat their properties with the respect and care we do our own. While caring for our hives and bees, we ensure the minimum amount of impact on their lives, land and businesses.


Our certified state of the art extraction and packing facilities are managed by a dedicated team of skilled operators ensuring quality and control throughout the process.

We work closely with trusted partners who are dedicated to the distribution of our genuine NZ honey products around the world.


We are proud to deliver products with internationally recognised standards of quality assurance. Our honey is extensively tested by independently accredited laboratories to ensure that our products are of the highest standard possible and are true to label.