4 Ways to Use Mānuka Honey for Glowing Skin Inside and Out

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4 Ways to Use Mānuka Honey for Glowing Skin Inside and Out

Mānuka honey offers so many benefits when it comes to keeping your skin looking fresh and clean and you don’t just have to eat or drink it! You can apply Mānuka honey directly on your skin and it works wonders on all types of skin, including acne-prone skin. New Zealand Mānuka Honey heals and nurtures skin, and can be applied as a mask, a cleanser, or moisturizer. Learn about our favorite 4 ways to use Mānuka Honey for glowing skin!

1. An Effective Cleanser

Mānuka honey works to remove oils and debris that can clog your pores and irritate your acne, making it a great cleanser for your skin. All you have to do is remove any makeup and blend a few drops of water that is warm to the touch to a small amount of Mānuka honey. Apply the mixture to your skin and gently massage the area for a couple of minutes. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe your face and remove any of the honey mixture that was not absorbed by your skin.

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2. Lightens Dark Spots

Dark spots and acne scars can be quite noticeable and difficult to fade. You can lighten up dark spots by blending a small amount of M ānuka Honey with the juice of a fresh lemon and a little cane sugar. First, steam your skin to open your pores making it easier for the honey mixture to soak in. If you don’t have a facial steamer, take a hot shower and plan to apply the mixture once you’re done. Gently apply a small amount to your skin. Massage your skin, making sure to work the mixture in thoroughly. Leave the mixture on your face for approximately 20 minutes. Use a cool, damp washcloth to remove any excess and seal your pores.

manuka honey face mask3. Mānuka Honey Treatment for Acne

A Mānuka Honey mask can be a super effective natural treatment for acne. Just mix a small amount of cinnamon into a tablespoon of the raw honey and blend well. Prepare a bowl of hot water and let the steam open your pores. Apply the honey to your face to create a mask and smooth the honey mixture so it evenly coats as much of your face as possible. Let the mask remain in place for 15 to 20 minutes and then use a warm washcloth to remove the honey mixture when the time is up. 

taylor pass honey manuka iced matcha latte4. Drink a Skin Elixir 

Adding M ānuka honey to your favorite beverages can also help you achieve glowing skin from the inside! One of our favorite go-to recipes is an Iced Manuka Honey Matcha Latte  with collagen for skin elasticity, a boost of antioxidants and brain boost! The perfect way to start the morning if you ask us. 

Or a Manuka Honey Turmeric Tonic is the perfect wellness boost to drink daily, leading up to travel or when you feel a cold coming on. It’s a natural alternative to an Airborne tablet or Emergen-C packet. It will help knock out that cold stat or simply boost your immunity, fight inflammation and give you a healthy boost of Vitamin C! 


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What Makes Mānuka Honey So Special?

True M ānuka Honey is found only in New Zealand. The word M ānuka is a Maori word (indigious language of New Zealand). The activity level of M ānuka honey can only be established through scientific testing. Several markers must be present to be graded as Active M ānuka, but the best way for you to ensure you are buying a true M ānuka honey is to look for one which clearly states its MGO content and ideally the UMF level (Unique M ānuka Factor) as well. In order for the honey to be effective, it should have a UMF of at least 5 or higher. Used in its rawest state, it is ensured that you have access to the most nutrients at all times.

If you want glowing skin or are looking for ways to regenerate the skin after an acne outbreak, M ānuka honey is an excellent treatment option that you can rely on for amazing results. Shop the Taylor Pass UMF Certified Manuka Honey range online, nationwide in Sprouts Farmers Markets. For more information, visit our website Taylor Pass Honey Co

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