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How To Take Mānuka Honey | Effective Ways to Consuming Nature’s Magic Mānuka

Mānuka honey is as versatile as it is nutritious! Using honey in a hot beverage or in a recipe that requires high heat such as boiling water may cause it to lose some of its nutritive value. Luckily, there are many other ways you can consume it that allow you to take advantage of all its natural goodness. Let’s consider all the different ways it can be used!

Stir Into Your Smoothie

When making a smoothie, the goal is to include ingredients that are good for you, including using a healthy sweetener. Stevia is an option, but it does not provide all the health benefits of pure Mānuka honey. Mānuka honey blends well with fruits and yogurt, adds a rich flavor, and its smooth texture will work to thicken the smoothie, giving it a firmer consistency.

Drizzle Over Your Cereal or Oatmeal

Take a spoonful of Mānuka honey and drizzle it over your cereal or oatmeal. The rich texture and flavor will add to the mix, providing you with a nutritious boost to help you get through your day. The unique taste blends well with most fruits and grains and does not offer an overpowering sweetness.

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Mix It Into Salad Dressings

Add a small amount of Mānuka honey to your salad dressings and dips. The honey will thicken the dressing and add a little sweetness to tame some of the stronger flavors. It also adds nutrients that will not be found in commercial dressings and dips. Mānuka honey brings out the best flavor in any dish or condiment you add it to.

Spread on Toast

If you want to boost your energy levels first thing in the morning, mix a half cup of softened, salted butter with a tablespoon of pure Mānuka honey and blend well. Use the spread on your toast or even crackers when you want a quick snack throughout the day. This will give you the energy you need as well as immunity-boosting nutrients you can rely on.

Sweeten Things Up!

Any time you have a dish or a beverage that needs an added touch of sweetness, add a small amount of delicious Mānuka honey, mix well and see what flavors it enhances. Add other flavors as well to experiment and find other combinations that you like. Before long, you will know just how much honey to add to reach the perfect flavor balance.

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Straight From the Jar

The best way to consume Mānuka honey is straight from the jar, a teaspoon twice a day. Honey with a UMF of 5 or more will give you the most nutritional benefits for a healthy, balanced life.

Including Mānuka honey in your diet is a great way to easily improve your nutrition, as well as add flavor and texture to any recipe you choose to use it in. At Taylor Pass Honey, our honey is produced using the highest standards of quality. We work hard to provide the most delicious and nutritious Mānuka honey, ensuring you get the most out of every serving.

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