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Where to Buy Mānuka Honey? Here Are The Best Places

Mānuka honey, one of the most powerful superfoods in nature, is made from pollen collected from the flowers of the Mānuka bush and is only produced in New Zealand. This unique honey is full of nutrients and has a unique flavor and texture. If you want to receive the highest quality, most nutritious Mānuka honey, you need to buy it from the source. In this case, the source would be the beekeepers who take care of the bees and extract the honey from the hives.

Local Farmers' Markets in New Zealand

If you’re lucky enough to be based in New Zealand, beekeepers will often sell their honey and other bee-related products at local farmers' markets. This is one of the best ways to buy fresh Mānuka honey that comes straight from the hives. In many cases, the Mānuka honey is ready for sale at a local farmer's market shortly after harvesting.

If you’re based in the United States, shopping at your local grocer for New Zealand Mānuka honey is the best way to get your hands on authentic Manuka honey containing the most nutrients and purest taste available.

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Organic and Natural Grocers

Many organic and natural grocers carry Mānuka honey from beekeepers throughout New Zealand. In order for Mānuka honey to carry a UMF label, every aspect of the honey making process must meet very rigid guidelines. Testing must be performed and processes documented, and organic grocers only choose honey products that meet these standards. Taylor Pass Honey goes to great lengths to maintain the highest standard and highly certified status, making it the honey of choice for many organic and natural grocers.

Online Direct From Mānuka Providers

If you want to buy the highest quality, freshest, and most nutritious M ānuka honey products, you can also buy online directly from Mānuka honey providers. Taylor Pass Honey is well-known for its commitment to the environment as well as sustainable products, making it one of the largest providers of authentic Mānuka honey in New Zealand. Buying online directly from Mānuka providers like Taylor Pass Honey ensures you get the very best products available. 

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Directly From the Source

If you love Mānuka honey, it's important to research where the honey is coming from. At Taylor Pass Honey, we carefully monitor, manage and maintain our own hives sustainably. Our staff works diligently to maintain the environment, reducing our carbon footprint and preserving the richness of the honey that is being produced. When you buy your Mānuka honey directly from Taylor Pass Honey, you are buying from the beekeepers themselves, ensuring you get the freshest Mānuka honey available on the market.

Visit Taylor Pass Honey to learn more about what types of honey are available, as well as the Unique Mānuka Factor. Get the most out of your honey by purchasing Mānuka honey from certified providers.

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