Our Favorite Manuka Honey Recipes This Fall

Our Favorite Manuka Honey Recipes This Fall

Manuka Honey not only tastes delicious, but it’s one of our favorite functional ingredient superfoods! Incorporating Manuka Honey into everyday recipes leading up to the holidays is a great way to add some non-refined sweetness with a side of immunity-boosting power! If you’re not already familiar with the antibacterial properties of New Zealand Manuka Honey, you can read up on our blog. If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy Taylor Pass Honey, you’re in the right place!

taylor pass manuka honey whipped butter with pecans

1.Whipped Pecan Manuka Honey Butter

We’re taking the classic recipe of honey butter to the next level.. with a dash of seasonal sweetness and the added benefits of digestive health from the Manuka Honey. You’ll want to add this to your holiday table and pair with rolls, pancakes, sweet potatoes and more! Get the recipe here.

crostini dipping into whipped feta cheese with honey appetizer recipe

2. Whipped Feta with Manuka Honey & Pistachios

Prepping for a potluck or hosting people for the holidays? This whipped Feta cheese appetizer is not only delicious, but it adds a boost of immunity with our favorite ingredient, Manuka Honey! Get the recipe here.

taylor pass honey manuka pumpkin spice latte with cinnamon


3. Pumpkin Spiced Manuka Honey Latte

Your new favorite PSL gets its sweetness from our savory Manuka Honey with a toasted caramel finish. Wake up to a warm cup of coffee with antibacterial properties! Get the recipe here.

new zealand taylor pass manuka umf 5 honey

If there’s one way to ensure a delicious and nutritious fall season, it’s by incorporating Manuka Honey into your daily diet. Stock up on our store or visit your local retailer

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